A dog is for life…

Dogs really do make me smile. I went round to my Aunts for lunch yesterday and saw my old dog Bess. She’s a beautiful Lurcher with a bit of collie in her. She had previously said hello to everyone and hadn’t realised I had arrived. When she saw me she came bounding over ready for a play, you’d never guess she was 8! She had a cuddle and a lick and then wanted chasing around the garden. Certainly made me smile. She came to me via Lurcher Link . They are a great rescue who work all over the country.

Another breed I’ve worked closely with are collies, Borders and the working collies. They are probably my favourite of all dogs. I have fostered a few and when I used to work at Battersea I had one who went off to work on a farm. She may still be herding those cows – even if it is over the bridge.

Have you ever heard of American Indian Dogs (AIDs)? No? Not suprising really, they are quite rare. Get yourself over to Song Dog Kennels and read all about them. Kim LaFlamme has brought this ‘type’ of dog back from the brink of extinction. He has travelled far and wide collecting specimens of the old Indian village dogs, these dogs are beautiful and owners swear by them as being the best dogs in the world.

I wish I had the room for them all. I keep seeing rescue dogs needing homes. Not good.


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An animal loving pest controller who loves cooking, good food, fine wine and Vic!
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