Chicken with honey & turmeric

This is a recipe I have been adapting over a number of years and now I think it is good enough to share with you.

Chicken, honey, turmeric, yoghurt. Four things that you may not necessarily think to put together straight away, but rest assured it will be well worth it if you do. I have used buttermilk in the past but tend for Greek yoghurt now for no other reason than the fact that I can have the leftover yoghurt for breakfast!

The marinade in this recipe would probably stretch to 3-4 chicken breasts. You can always add a bit more yoghurt and honey if you don’t think there is quite enough. I tend to make it for two.


2 free range chicken breasts
1 pot of Greek (style is fine) yoghurt, buy the bigger one if you are like me
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 tablespoon of honey
A good pinch (about 1/4 teaspoon) of Allspice
Salt and pepper


In a bowl large enough to fit the chicken breasts add a good two or three tablespoons of yoghurt, and all the other ingredients. Salt and pepper to taste of course. Now mix all of this together and taste. Tasting at this stage is important because you can fine tune the ingredients to suit your pallet, something you MUST NOT do once the chicken has gone in to the mix.

Remove the skin form the chicken breast for a healthier option, score to a depth of about a centimetre into the thicker part of each side of the breast. Score them several times. Now rub in the marinade to the breasts, making sure that some of it goes into the scoring. Leave the breasts to sit in the remaining marinade in a cool place for fifteen minutes and then turn the breasts, recoating the breasts with the marinade. Allow another fifteen minutes or so in a cool place and then pan fry on a medium/low heat until the beasts are cooked. Enjoy!


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An animal loving pest controller who loves cooking, good food, fine wine and Vic!
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