Grandad’s potato cakes

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house. It was walking distance from where we lived, even when I was only in a baby walker. For as long as I can remember, if Grandad was in the kitchen, so was I. He’d always be making something. Latterly he has gotten into making Asian cuisine but back then it was things like rabbit pie, roasts, lamb chops with onion gravy, the classics. So it will be no surprise that he used to make potato cakes too. He’d always make sure there was just enough leftover mash to ensure he was able to make them. When I left home I ensured that I had the recipe with me. I love potato cakes, maybe it’s the bit of Irish blood in me. So here is his recipe I share with you today.


Leftover mashed potato
Plain flour
Salt and pepper to taste


Add a bit of butter to your mash, salt & pepper, then add some flour. Amounts are not exact for this step. I just keep adding flour and mixing in until the mix looks like its not going to accept any more and you suspect you might need to add liquid. At this point stop adding flour and give the mix a good knead. If the mix still seems a bit ‘wet’ then add more flour as you knead. You want a nice doughy texture. Once it has come together, divide the mix up in to cakes of any size you want. I usually cook them in butter in a small frying pan, so I tend to make one cake that covers the base of the pan. If theres enough mix, split it and make more the same way. Cook until golden brown on each side.



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