We’re having a baby!!

It’s been an unusual and exciting couple of months. We found out we’re having a baby! Vic missed her last period and on the last bank holiday weekend in August she could wait no longer and I had to rush out at 9am on bank holiday Monday to find a pregnancy test. I say rush because Vic was desperate for a pee and we had read that it was best to do the test with the first pee of the day. I’d spent that morning before heading out researching this and so left forearmed with an idea as to what was the best stick for Vic to pee on. Funnily, more recently, some friends who have just had a baby, asked if I was stingy because I hadn’t opted for the digital test which told you how far along you were! All the ladies who had posted on the forums had said not to bother. So I went for the recommended bog standard Superdrug stick.

I was amazed that Superdrug were even open at 9am, let alone on a bank holiday. But they were, thankfully. I also picked up a First Response stick, because, after all, who was really going to trust the cheapie, two for one, Superdrug offer!! Vic was fit for bursting when I left so it wasn’t surprising that just as I was just getting back to the car I got a phone call asking where I was. I headed back as fast as I could, thankfully I wasn’t far and was blessed with clear roads early on a bank holiday Monday.

After arriving back Vic rushed in to the bathroom with the Superdrug Special. She shouted for me to set the timer for 3 minutes. The deed was done, the stage was set. I also needed to pee so I turfed her out of the bathroom almost immediately. As soon as I entered I looked at the stick.
‘We’re going to have a baby’ I calmly shouted through the bathroom door.
‘What!?’ was the response.
‘It’s showing positive, we’re having a baby’.
‘But I’ve only just done it’.
‘Well it’s definitely positive’ I shouted.
Vic was a bit stunned. Knowing you’ve missed you’re period and actually finding out you’re pregnant are obviously quite different things. When we recounted this story to the Midwife she advised us that next time, just pee in a pot and dip the stick in!! Why didn’t we think of that.

The next step was telling the folks. A lot of people keep their pregnancy quiet until their twelfth week. Vic, being very close to her folks and sister, wanted them to be involved right from the beginning. But first, I had to tell my folks. Now, to say this was an easy task was an understatement. Ever since Vic and I got married, my mum has been chomping at the bit for us to tell them we are pregnant. She was delighted. Totally thrilled, and already planning ahead, even though we told her not to!

After a bit of breakfast we headed over to see Vic’s folks. There was an air of nervous excitement between Vic and I, we kept squidging each others hands and exclaiming that we couldn’t believe it had happened so quick. We decided to wait for a short while upon arriving at Vic’s folks before telling them the news. After a few forced conversation starters Vic blurted out that she had something to tell them. ‘You’re going to be Grandparents!’. A microseconds silence and then Jan almost squealed with delight. To this day I wish I had taken a picture of the moment. Chris’s face was stuck between a smile, puzzlement and shock. Was he going to be a Grandad, he was going to be a Grandad. His little girl was having a baby. For a millisecond I feared for my life. I’d bespoiled his baby daughter. Then he remembered we were married, that he actually liked me and that we’d already discussed children and he smiled. Phew!!

We sat chatting for a while before the phone rang. It was Katie. Vic’s little sister. Vic was nervous about telling her and had hoped she was going to be able to do it at home, but Katie phoned first. After a natter with her Mum, Katie was passed over to Vic. Excited squeals and giggles, typical of the Scott girls, announced that the news had broken. Katie was pleased.

The rest of the afternoon disappeared in a blur of 1980s baby books and sound advice from Vic’s folks. Vic reminded them of all the things she used to be made to do, like posing for photos in the rubbish bin and helping scrape the wallpaper. All at the age of 1 or 2 years old!

Antenatal stuff next.


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An animal loving pest controller who loves cooking, good food, fine wine and Vic!
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