The scare

So, a couple of weeks in to the pregnancy and we have our first scare. Vic had a bit of a bleed. I put it down to the fact that Vic had done a little lifting at work the day before. We didn’t want to run the risk of it being anything else, so we got on the phone to NHS Direct. They were wonderfully helpful and within minutes the out of hours doctor of our local surgery was calling us back. Sadly there was nothing they could do, it being a Saturday, so we were told to book an appointment on Monday morning at the surgery.

Appointment booked, off we trotted to the surgery that morning to see the doctor. In typical fashion we had an hours wait before we were seen. Eventually a call went up for Victoria Houghton. I looked around, someone else with my surname! Some day I’ll get used to the fact that my wife is now a Houghton, rather than a Scott!!

The doctor was great and put our minds at rest. He didn’t think there was anything to worry about but booked us in for a scan at the hospital the next day. This was a bit of a bonus as we had actually booked in for a private scan on the following Saturday after being advised by our friend who is a midwife.

The next day we headed over to the hospital for our appointment. We weren’t 100% as to where we should be going, so we headed in to the maternity building first. On the way in we bumped in to a nurse wearing the same Converse as Vic. After a quick chat about how cool they were we headed to reception, only to be told that we needed to be in the main building. Typical! Off we went and signed in on the fancy machines. So fancy in fact that it sent us to the wrong place. Well, it tried to. Lucky for us some old fella offered us some assistance. After initially trying to send us to the building that the machine had told us we had to go to, he realised what we were there for and showed us the little corner where we had to sit and wait.

Never a grumpier band of nurses and sonographers have I seen in one place. I appreciate that they probably have to break the news to a fair few women that they are not pregnant, but really, is it that hard to smile?

We sat and waited for what seemed like a lifetime. Each moment that passed we feared all the more that maybe we weren’t pregnant after all. Each moment that passed saw another couple enter the little room with the grumpy sonographer and come out smiling and clutching their little scan pictures. One thing we noticed was the fact that their due dates were all out. Each one she saw were told that they had in fact got their dates wrong…then it was our turn.

In to the little room. Up on to the bed. Vic had to lie there with her pants pulled down a bit and paper tucked in to her drawers. The sonographer said it might take a little while for her to find the baby as it was so small at this stage, nothing more than a grain of rice. How wrong was she!! No sooner had she placed on the probe than I could see the little bub’s heart pounding away like a good un. Oh, the relief. She almost immediately congratulated us and Vic started to cry with relief and no small amount of pure joy. We were going to be parents!! A few checks and measurements later and we were on our way out. Vic clutching a lump of tissue as the sonographer had squirted gel all over her trousers! Off Vic popped for a pee. One of the joys of a scan is you need a full bladder. Then they press on it really hard with the probe. I’m glad it was Vic not me! It took about 2 or 3 minutes for the sonographer to come out with our little pictures. One thing we smiled about. Our date was spot on.


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