Headaches and hot chocolate

Who’d’ve thunk it? For two weeks Vic was plagued with headaches, debilatating at times. It seems that blood glucose may well be partly to blame, and here was us blaming it all on the hormones!

It was only after a desperate plea on FB that one of Vic’s friends, Hannah, had brought to light that she too had suffered from bouts of headaches during pregnancy. Her cure all? A cup of hot chocolate before bed.

Where Vic has normally been fine with eating dinner at about half six in the evening and then not eating again until next morning, now it seems little baby H has other ideas. So Vic took up the challenge, could she beat the headaches with a cup of hot chocolate before bed.

Well, I’m glad to say that so far it’s a resounding yes, thank goodness! She’s also started using a product called 4head whenever she notices a sign of a headache during the day. It seems to be helping. Whether all this is psychosomatic or not is a moot point. What matters is it works! Interestingly, one night I forgot to make Vic a hot chocolate. We were both tired and went off to bed without giving it a second thought. Next morning, you guessed it, headachesville.

Such a simple fix. Oo, and no I don’t get commission. Wish I did though.


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An animal loving pest controller who loves cooking, good food, fine wine and Vic!
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3 Responses to Headaches and hot chocolate

  1. Funny you should post this, I’ve been plagued with a headache for almost 2 whole freaking weeks now. We are in week 21 of pregnancy so of course I’ve gone down the checklist of Blood pressure, sugar, caffeine, water, iron and prenatals……NOTHING WORKS!!! I’m going to buy some hot chocolate tomorrow! Anything to make it go away!!!!!

  2. becki says:

    Sex when headaches come.

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