I’m sure it is…

“I’m certain I felt something then”
“Isn’t it too early?”
“I dunno, but I know I can feel something there. Feel”
“Yeah, but maybe I’m just digesting my dinner?”

Scepticism abound, I moved forward safe in the knowledge that I knew what I knew.

Fast forward two and a half weeks. We’re now at 18 weeks +3. Vic tells me yesterday that she’s been getting these weird flutters or rumblings resonating in groinal region. They’ve been on and of for the past week apparently. Baby playing on a ligament perhaps? I’m convinced.

I take up my nightly vigil with my hand on bump. I’m convinced, at times that I can feel movement. I don’t think Vic’ll be convinced until Baby H is punching her in the ribcage!

This is worse than Xmas!!


About wolflore

An animal loving pest controller who loves cooking, good food, fine wine and Vic!
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1 Response to I’m sure it is…

  1. I felt Harper at 17 weeks and John felt her at like 19 weeks! So maybe it is! We did have a problem with him thinking my pulse that goes near my belly button was the baby! That vein is so close, it feels like a flutter on the outside, it’s just rhythmic. This time I felt baby boy at 14 weeks and he felt her at 19 weeks again.

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