Baby H is well and truly announcing its presence now and is often thought to be either breakdancing or re-enacting scenes from the first Alien movie. I was, by all accounts, an out and out wriggler and adept foot poker-outer-er before I was born and so I’m guessing bub is taking after me.

A favourite game for us at the moment is watching where it will strike next. We can see writhing below the surface now and eagerly await the next kick. Well, I say eagerly, but not always. Interestingly, bub has decided that this is also a great game to play at three in the morning which means Vic wakes up and I end up on the sofa.

I’m a snorer you see, and since packing on a few christmas puddings and a turkey or two over Xmas it’s gotten worse. Add to that a cold and you’ve got a recipe for a vibrating bed! So I often voluntarily exile myself to the sofa so that all three of us can get some sleep.

I’m currently lay awake at 4am having had no sleep as we are staying at my parents this weekend for our third Xmas of the year! So no sofa to kip on. *yawn*

It’s not a bad thing really. It means I’m getting myself conditioned for some sleepless nights when the baby arrives, and as Vic has been quite tired, she gets to have a slightly more peaceful night.

Sleep well.



About wolflore

An animal loving pest controller who loves cooking, good food, fine wine and Vic!
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