First Nations

So, today in Canada, and elsewhere around the globe, First Nation people’s stood together in unison to have their voices heard. Rather than kowtowing to Harper and the Queen’s government they rattled at the gates on Parliament Hill and threw down the flag in defiance. It seems they are no longer wishing to travel the white road, but are happy for Canada to meet them on the red.

It got me thinking. This little country of mine has a lot to answer for really. How many countries have they raped and pillaged in the name of progress. We have the cheek to call the Vikings savages, yet we have done exactly the same things as they have, only whilst wearing a suit! Treaties, Agreements, lies. Who wins at the end of the day, certainly not the indigenous population.

We are a bunch of mongrels after all. I’ve lost count through history how many times this small isle has been invaded and over-taken. I think the First Nation people’s of England are probably the Welsh! Even my own family couldn’t call themselves ‘of England’, what with a mixture of English, Italian, Irish, Scottish and Welsh blood coursing through my veins. Not to mention the Norse, Norman and countless other influences over the generations.

So from this I kind of begin to see why our nation is the way it is. They say a child raised with mental or physical abuse will go on to be the same with its offspring. So it seems apt that a nation that has spent it’s early history being invaded, perpetuated that by invading other First Nations.

Is it jealousy that drives us? As we lack the purity do we strive to steal it from others? What ever it is I wish it would stop.

The wind is changing. No longer will the lands stolen from its Ancestors be allowed to be raped and pillaged. No longer will they kowtow to the white man who pedals his lies. Stand up in support for our brothers and sisters, after all we are all if the same Mother.


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